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Groundwork GDS is a charity providing mapping and data management services to clients across the UK. As a part of Groundwork London we have delivered projects to Groundwork Trusts and external clients alike. To find out more about the Groundwork federation, please visit the Groundwork website. We specialise in the following areas:


Spatial Analysis & Research

Utilising the diverse and extensive experience of our team members combined with a range of public datasets, Groundwork GDS has carried out a number of successful research projects and feasibility studies.

Web Mapping & Visualisations

An expertise of Groundwork GDS is in the development of interactive maps and data visualizations accessible from a range of devices and browsers including mobile phone and tablets.


Software & Data Solutions

Groundwork GDS provides front end development (HTML/CSS, Javascript), Java programming services (Micro Web Services, RESTful services, Integration services, Web and Mobile Application Design) and iOS applications development. We are specialised in providing solutions for spatial data management and visualisation by developing custom web map applications.

Custom Business Applications

Simple, easy to use and cost-effective business applications hosted in secure cloud environment for small businesses and charities. Developed using Salesforce or Zoho application suite, Groundwork GDS provides professional data management services to run contracts efficiently.



Our projects have spanned a wide variety of sectors and applications, ultimately focused on community benefit and sustainability. Please click on a logo below to read about our clients and see examples of our work:

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Groundwork GDS has a team of specialist mapping experts and dedicated database consultants and developers. Please see 'Who we are' for full descriptions


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