While the roots of Groundwork GIS are in spatial data, we are also well equipped to work with other database types such as survey and customer data. We have vast experience in managing field survey projects, SQL databases and other cloud-based database solutions. For example, since 2014, Groundwork London have been working closely with Thames Water in rolling out their Progressive Metering Programme – a project aimed to reduce water usage in London households. Groundwork GIS’s contribution to this 10 year (£30 million) project has been fundamental in its success to date; having developed infrastructure and systems management tools that are reliable, secure, efficient and easy to use. The System allows for multiple functionalities: from the collection and storage of real-time data from mobile devices used by the field team through to the automated real-time reporting of large datasets. Employing a system such as this on this large-scale project has likely saved Thames Water £££ and London a lot of water!

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