Infrastructure Mapping Application for London

The Infrastructure Map is an interactive tool which lets users explore current and future development and infrastructure projects in London. It gives boroughs and developers a clear picture of what developments are taking place, so that they can better plan for new housing and other changes. Heart of the System is a database of current developments and future infrastructure investments (from 2015 to 2050) by public and private sectors, which is exposed via secure map services and queryable via user interface. Secure data sharing processes between key partners which includes Barbour ABI, Cadent, EA, National Grid, SGN, Thames Water, TfL, UK Power Networks and all London Boroughs.  

Originally developed in ReactJS, Groundwork GDS integrated an API functionality which enabled better user interaction to the underlying datasets and facilitated collaboration between infrastructure providers by sharing the queries and results.  


Key features of IMA 

  • Browse the data as a guest or as a registered user 
  • Search and explore spatial datasets organised by themes – available for different data providers 
  • Filter data by temporal or categorical fields, as well as apply custom spatial filters 
  • Save and manage custom queries (bookmarks) in personal user area 
  • Share custom queries with secure and unique hyperlink 

Other features

  • Spatial analysis query (proximity analysis) to identify projects and organisations that run projects in the same locations and timeframe 
  • Private (secure) and public data access with spatial analysis  
  • Built using ESRI ArcGIS Server /AGOL with opensource front-end 

Groundwork - Geospatial & Data service

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