Utilising the diverse and extensive experience of our team members combined with a range of public data and GIS software, Groundwork GIS has carried out a number of successful research projects and feasibility studies. Some projects of interest include: utilising road and pathway networks (OS ITN) to determine the catchment of  play areas; identifying the prevalence of diabetes in London using a heat mapping technique; and the designing of a mapping tool used to collect, monitor and project data to determine how communities might benefit from the redevelopment of a residential area in the future.  

As part of the larger Groundwork Trust, the GIS team has key advantages in the area of spatial analysis and research with access to extensive national and regional databases, real projects, local groups and a UK-wide network of partners.

Relevant Projects: Brighton & Hove Playpark AssessmentWestminter City Council - Open Spaces, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition - UK And Ireland Deep Sea Map

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