Custom Business Applications

If you are a small business or a project team you are likely managing a range of data related to your daily activities, such as customer details, order information, communication records, delivery targets etc. Instead of having all that data stored in multiple locations, a well-designed business application will help you run your business or project more efficiently and save you time and money to focus on delivering your activities. We at Groundwork GDS can offer a cost effective custom application built using either Zoho or Salesforce. We have developed applications to cater for a range of needs, such as tracking of items for reuse and recycling hubs, refugee and employment support, as well as data collection and reporting for energy and water efficiency home visit programmes. Both Zoho and Salesforce provide powerful customization capabilities that meet your needs and which can be integrated with your existing services.


With Zoho Creator and Salesforce, we can build your CRM solution in a cloud environment, which allows you to store and access data securely from anywhere. Key features of applications include data collection and editing from mobile devices, real-time collaboration between co-workers, integration with other cloud-based services and automated business processes. Both Salesforce and Zoho Analytics offers advanced dashboards and data visualizations by integrating your applications and oher data sources and turn the data into meaningful information. We offer the development and deployment of applications for both commercial and non-profit customers. For examples of applications we have developed in the past, see the relavant projects to the right. Typically an order can be completed within 7 to 10 days depending on complexity.

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