CIRCLE Project Application

Groundwork London’s CIRCLE programme works with refugees through employment support, language trainings and community events, to help finding employment and assist with socio-economic integration. The GDS team supports the programme by providing a customized CRM system, using the Zoho platform, to enable efficient data capturing and storing. Through the en-suite application the programme can store its data in a secure cloud environment, as well as managing its daily activities. By having all the information available in one place the programme can provide more efficient support to its clients and be better organized in its work. The application also provides powerful data analytics to give instant overviews of the programme’s performance for easy and fast reporting and data visualization. Zoho Analytics supports SQL driven reporting that lets you import data from a range of different sources and link with your own CRM systems. For CIRCLE we used Zoho Analytics to create a number of dashboards that are syncronized with the main application to display particpant information and keep track of the progaramme's performance. Through SQL based queires the data can be grouped and filtered to get the users specific reporting needs. Zoho Analytics also supports a range of different visualzations tools that brings life to your data. See below for an example of a dashboard with selected graphs created for the CIRCLE applicaiton.



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