Agility Eco


Agility Eco

Agility Eco plan, manage, fund and deliver energy efficiency, low carbon and renewable projects across the UK. They help businesses, public sector organisations and housing providers manage rising energy bills through energy efficiency initiatives.

Our Projects

Project LEAP

Agility Eco runs their Local Energy Advice Partnership programme on the Zoho Creator platform. The customised business process application, developed and supported by Groundwork GDS, allows Agility Eco and their partners to work with customers from over 10 Local Authorities  - right from the initial referral to a free home visit - all managed through a single database application. Complex workflows within the application implemented through deluge scripts allows tracking the status of individual applicants at every stages of the process. The database is seamlessly synschronised with Zoho Report and other cloud systems such as MS SQL and ArcGIS Online to improve the reporting and performance monitoring purposes.


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