Heathrow Community Trust


Heathrow Community Trust

Heathrow Community Trust is an independent grant-making charity that award grants for young people, environment and sustainability, communities and local developments in the proximity around Heathrow Airport.

Our Projects

Heathrow Community Trust Grants Map

The Heathrow Community Trust awards between £880k and £1M in new grants every year targeting projects in support of youths, the environment and sustainability, communities and local development. The GDS team was asked to create a web map of the awarded grants between 2018-2019 that shows the location of the projects, the target areas and the grant categories. We mapped the locations of the projects from the project postcodes using the geocoding locator in ArcGIS Pro. The postcode location on the map is given as a centroid of its postcode area (a UK postcode covers an area of an average 15 properties) which offers a good approximation for this purpose. Projects were symbolized based on grant category and displayed in a web map created using ArcGIS Web Application. This is an example how Groundwork GDS can build web maps to convey geographic information for various uses.


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