Interserve plc is a multinational support service and construction company based in the UK. Groundwork GDS has worked with Interserve on numerous projects, helping them understand how their operations affect the social, economic and environmental features of the areas they work in.

Our Projects

Social Impact Assessment

Groundwork GDS has been working with Interserve over the years to help them understand the value of their business to the community using geospatial tools. Due to the vast spread of their operations across the country, the social value from any particular contact/relationship needs to be assessed based on the location of its supply chains, employees and underlying socio-economic fabric of the local community. Interserve understands the importance of spatial analysis and mapping of baseline statistics for the development of this tool and Groundwork GDS with many years of experience in the mapping and analysis of large scale socio-economic and location data are in a strong position to contribute to this partnership.

A summary of the findings from the assessment can be found here.


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