Oxfordshire Outdoors


Oxfordshire Outdoors

Oxfordshire Outdoors provides high quality outdoor education courses to schools and the public across three centres in Wales and the Southwest of England.

Our Projects

Oxfordshire Outdoors Booking System

Oxfordshire Outdoors manages bookings at their three education centres from schools and other groups who want to experience high quality outdoor activities and learning courses. To keep up with demand, it was decided that the way of handling bookings was to be completely reworked into a new booking system that could handle requests in a more automated and streamlined fashion. Groundwork GDS together with a team of web developers took charge of the development of the new system from the planning stages, to the workflow design, to testing and migration. The new booking system came with a lot of new advantages that let the Oxfordshire Outdoors staff handle bookings and communication with customers more effectively, including automated emails, an integrated payment gateway and file uploads. This is an example of how Groundwork GDS can help bring benefit in creating a customized business application that targets specific needs to run an operation.

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