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Thames Water

Thames Water serve 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley by managing its water resources and provide clean and safe drinking water to its residents.

Our Projects

London Borough Profiles

To help Thames Water deliver better and more targeted services it was important to have a better understanding of the Boroughs in which they engage with customers. For this they partnered with Groundwork GDS to construct a series of Borough profiles of relevant demograpghic information. These Borough profiles along with engagement data help Thames Water understand how these demographics may or may not impact the success of customer engagement and drive their water efficiency programme.

One of the project image maps of Bexley Borough can be found here.


Progressive Metering Programme

Managing water supplies in a rapidly growing city has become an essential business activity for Thames Water. Thames Water has since decided to use compulsory metering as a tool to achieve a more sustainable management of water supplies. Groundwork have entered a long-term contract with Thames Water to provide free Smarter Home Visits (SHV) to install these water saving devices, with Groundwork GDS stroing, processing and maintaining customer and SHV data as well as creating daily, weekly and monthly statistical reports.

Since launching in Bexley, Groundwork GDS now maintains Thames Water customer data spanning 5 boroughs providing framework for customers to book and manage appointments, as well collecting and reporting on data collected through the SHV. This is achieved through the development of a booking system which works in tandem with iForm Builder – used to create surveys for SHVs. An internal database has been developed to house data from both these sources and create interactive dashboards providing real-time summary data.

The programme aims to deliver 900,000 new smart meters across London by 2020, and it will be the responsibility of Groundwork GDS to continually develop efficient systems to cope with the data provided and the demand for our resources allowing Thames Water customers to benefit from reduced water bills and a more consistent water supply in the coming years.

Groundwork - Geospatial & Data service

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