The Methodist Church of Great Britain

Since 2009, Groundwork has been working with The Methodist Church helping them to realise the full potential of their assets. The interactive web maps allows their congregations to visualise Methodist churches, circuits and other institutions against the backdrop of socio-demographic indicators and local environment.

Our Projects

Methodist Church - Advanced Web Map

The Advanced Version of the Methodist Webmap shows the extent of districts, circuits and network regions and displays detailed information on churches and church activity relative to the local context. The webmap links up the annual Statistics for Mission returns from 2002 with publically available socio-demographic data (e.g. census / indices of deprivation) and data held by partner organisations (Church of England, partner charities).  The information is presented in a way which aims to help users understand more about their churches, the people they serve, and the communities in which they are located. 


Find a Methodist Church

The mobile friendly searchable 'Find a local church' webmap of The Methodist Church of Great Britain has been developed by Groundwork. 


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