Waltham Forest Council


Waltham Forest Council

Waltham Forest Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Waltham Forest. It provides essential services and functions to residents, such as social services, libraries and waste disposal.

Our Projects

Waltham Forest Community Mapping

Waltham Forest contracted Groundwork London when they wanted to get an updated overview of the existing community groups within the borough. Waltham Forest has a rich and diverse group of active communities and civil society organisations engaged in a multiple range of activities. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had shown the importance of being able to reach out and effectively communicate to use all available resources and local knowledge within these groups. Therefore Waltham Forest decided to get an up-to-date picture of the community groups within its borders and Groundwork provided the necessary skills to conduct such a research. The GDS team played a vital role in this partnership by designing a virtual survey that was distributed widely and a CRM system to host the collected responses. The responses were then mapped and a gap analysis carried out to find the geographical reach of the different groups. As an end product the GDS team built a dashboard where the council can visualize and search for community groups which will be a helpful tool in finding and reaching out to groups in the future.

Groundwork - Geospatial & Data service

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