The Challenge 

For 14 years Groundwork London Green Doctors have been helping households in London save money, stay warm and improve energy efficiency at home. In partnership with London Boroughs and Housing Associations they visit residents’ homes to install free energy-saving measures, give advice on bills and provide referrals to further services to improve health and well-being. The HEART iOS app project addressed thneed for an intuitive UI, offline capabilities and dynamic calculations of energy, water and financial savings for residents. 


The Solutions 

The GDS Team worked with a well-established UX-consultancy (Lion+Mason) to conduct a user research and to define a UX strategy and design for the creation of a bespoke iOS app fully integrated with the Salesforce platform. 

A team of developers worked on the creation of the iOS app, which featured: 

  • Offline capabilities 
  • Complex and dynamic formulas to calculate energy, water and financial savings from behavioural changes, energy and water saving measures, based on user’s selections 
  • Creation of a bespoke pdf report for the resident 
  • Framework for the creation of scheduled messages (text) to residents to remind them of pledges made during the visit 


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