Smarter Visit Programme Applications
Plumber visits are managed through a calendar

Groundwork delivers Thames Water's Smarter Home Visit (SHV) programe across London and Thames Valley - the single largest water efficiency initiative in the water sector. The key feature of the programme is the home visit, where a SHV Advisor offers an in-home personalised water audit and savings plan and the retrofitting of water saving devices. On average 300 visits are made across London and Thames Valley per day (totalling around 60,000 visits during 2016-17). When leaks are found, Groundwork's dedicated plumbing team offers internal leak fixes as part of the programme. Apart from the SHV programme for households, there is also a Smarter Business Visit that helps businesses and other institutions book a visit with a plumber who can fix leaks, convert toilets and install water-saving devices. On average it is estimated than a business could save an £800 on their annual running costs and reduce water consumption by 1000 litres per day through these interventions.

Groundwork manage these programmes through two dedicated Zoho Creator applications, created by the GDS team, which allows over 60 SHV advisors, plumbers and office staff working from the field as well as offices to access the database in real-time. Programme Managers monitor the programme delivery through Zoho Report dashboards and an online map. This complete solution help Groundwork and Thames Water to manage the programmes efficiently and economically and invest more into expanding the activities to more residential and business customers.


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