If you are a small business and require custom applications to run that business, Groundwork can offer a cost effective solution built on the Zoho Platform. With Zoho Creator, we can build your custom applications in a cloud environment, which allows you to store and access data securely from anywhere. Key features of applications built with Zoho Creator include data collection and editing from mobile devices, real-time colaboration between co-workers, integration with other cloud-based services and automated business processes.


We have developed applications to cater for a range of needs, such as tracking of items for reuse and recycling hubs, stock management, data collection and reporting for energy and water efficiency home visit programmes.


Zoho Reports offers advanced dashboards and data visualizations by integrating the creator applications and databases and turn the data into meaningful information.


Groundwork GDS offers the development and deployment of applications in the Zoho Platforms for commercial and non-profit customers. Typically an application can be developed within 7 to 10 days.



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