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Europe Economics is a consultancy specialising in economic regulation, competition policy, and the application of economics to public and business policy issues.

Our Projects

ATM Impact Study

Groundwork GDS recently provided spatial data analysis for economic consultancy Europe Economics as part of a wider research project commissioned by the Payment Systems Regulator. The purpose of the research was to investigate the potential impact of unprofitable free-to-use ATMs closing (including under different potential future scenarios of interchange fees and withdrawal volumes) across the whole of the UK. The spatial analysis consisted of creating pedestrian catchment areas around ATMs and performing a demographic analysis of the population within these catchments. The analysis outputs were then used by European Economics to quantify the population affected by potential changes and determine a demographic profile of these populations. A summary of the report can be found in the PSR website.


The network analysis was carried out using ArcGIS’s Network Analysis tool, Python scripting and ArcGIS’s model builder. Used in combination, these data processing methods were capable of processing the large amount of data that the analysis required and data-processing workflows could be tweaked to account for changes requested by the client. An example of the catchment areas constructed can be viewed below.


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