London Green Doctors (Salesforce CRM)

For 14 years Groundwork London Green Doctors have been helping households in London save money, stay warm and improve energy efficiency at home. In partnership with London Boroughs and Housing Associations they visit residents’ homes to install free energy-saving measures, give advice on bills and provide referrals to further services to improve health and well-being. With hundreds of residents visited every month, Green Doctors need a reliable CRM to book and deliver home visits and telephone consultations. Despite the use of other CRM platforms, Green Doctors asked for a more intuitive, secure, and reliable application fully compatible with mobile devices.

A custom application was created on Salesforce to allow managing a quickly changing multi-project programme.

Key features:

  • Multi-language enquiry form to gather referrals (once translations are provided this can be easily uploaded)

  • Multiple projects with different questionnaires can be managed in the same application
  • Intuitive and customisable online questionnaire to capture residents' views and issues

  • Live reporting system to keep track of project delivery objectives and deadlines

  • Complex calculations for water, energy, and monetary savings due to the instalment of measures and changes in behaviour can be added to questionnaires. Residents can receive by email a pdf report that summarises estimated savings.

Future development:

  • Calendar-based booking system
  • Stock management, events management and other visual improvements in the workflow


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