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The Geospatial & Data Services team operates out of Groundwork London's Morley Street office and hence works closely with Groundwork London on the various projects they are involved in. Contributions to projects can range from small jobs such as creating an area profile for a new recycling hub to long-term contracts such as the systems-management of the Thames Water Progressive Metering Programme.

Our Projects


The Challenge 

Rework is a Groundwork London initiative delivered in association with the Western Riverside Waste Authority and Cory Riverside Energy and supported by the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Each year thousands of electrical items in the workshop, including washing machines, fridges, cookers, microwaves and other household electrical goods are being processed. These appliances that would have been scrapped, recycled or sent to landfill, are returned to full working order and given a second life. They are then passed onto charity retailers and social enterprises who sell them at affordable prices. 

The team at Rework needed a solution to create a live inventory of goods that had to go through a complex checking process in stages by different team members with different duties. Given the nature of the work being done, the system needed to be fully compatible with mobile devices (iPads). 

The Solution

The application created by the GDS Team on Zoho, was based on the idea that barcode stickers applied to white goods were scanned with iPads. The barcode functioned as a unique identifier for that appliance and followed the item through the whole refurbishment process. 

The workflow was built so that employees had to follow a strict procedure aimed at minimising users' errorCustom scripts helped users accessing the right form and insert relevant information only when needed. 

Views and reports were designed to count and track items so that managers could assign and monitor jobs in real-time. 

Dashboards and reports were designed to allow monitoring performance and quantify the positive environmental impact of Rework. 


Employment Support Application

Groundwork London provides tailored employment advice and support for individuals across many programmes and initatives. Its employment team work from different offices all across London, so cross team information sharing has been critical for signing up new clients and providing individual advice and guidance on finding a new roles for the client.  

To facilitate this, the GDS teams has developed an application so that an employment advisors can upload client details which will be useful to help them with their job search. The teams are now able to track what types of jobs are being sought after by the clients in different locations across London all in a single place. This means officers can more easily identify the types of businesses in each area to develop relationships with, which can in turn be put forward to clients.  

The application also enables any live vacancies to be uploaded onto the system. Employment advisors can then review these vacancies and submit candidates for those jobs - and with the ability to track what jobs are being submitted, work out which types of jobs are more/less suitable for the clients. The teams also use the list of live vacancies to send out to our referral partners - showing them the types of opportunities they can help candidates get work in and therefore encouraging them to refer candidates for the programmes. 


The Challenge 

For 14 years Groundwork London Green Doctors have been helping households in London save money, stay warm and improve energy efficiency at home. In partnership with London Boroughs and Housing Associations they visit residents’ homes to install free energy-saving measures, give advice on bills and provide referrals to further services to improve health and well-being. The HEART iOS app project addressed thneed for an intuitive UI, offline capabilities and dynamic calculations of energy, water and financial savings for residents. 


The Solutions 

The GDS Team worked with a well-established UX-consultancy (Lion+Mason) to conduct a user research and to define a UX strategy and design for the creation of a bespoke iOS app fully integrated with the Salesforce platform. 

A team of developers worked on the creation of the iOS app, which featured: 

  • Offline capabilities 
  • Complex and dynamic formulas to calculate energy, water and financial savings from behavioural changes, energy and water saving measures, based on user’s selections 
  • Creation of a bespoke pdf report for the resident 
  • Framework for the creation of scheduled messages (text) to residents to remind them of pledges made during the visit 


Green Doctors London

For over 15 years Groundwork London has been helping Londoners stay warm & well & save money on their household bills through its Green Doctors programme. In 2019 over 3,300 households were visited by the Green Doctors, and the entire workflow – from enquiry, through booking and the visit, to reporting - of each visit was recorded and managed in a designed Zoho Creator application created by Groundwork GDS. 

An early challenge in development was to design an architecture of forms or tables, which would collect the enquiry, booking and visit data, and establish relationships between them. Zoho Creator allowed to build this with ease, and enabled unique records for schemes, projects, green doctors, engagements, enquiries and visits to be created without unnecessary duplication, and to be collated in a master table from which monitoring and management reports could be fed. 

Zoho Creator also enables fully customizable forms, so that every aspect of the Green Doctor project could be managed within the applicationUsing a dedicated script (deluge), bespoke functions, and schedules, these forms and tables came together into a seamless workflow. Capturing enquiry data from residents and referees, feeding this to Groundwork staff who engage with residents and book visits, and finally through to green doctors who take the residents through a custom, project-specific form which captures everything from the energy savings calculations, advice given and its feedback, and energy saving devices installed. 

HS2 Greenspace Engagement

Groundwork London were commissioned by the London Borough of Camden to engage with local residents on the removal of green space around Euston station, caused by the expansion of Euston station in preparation for HS2. Any removed green space will have to be relocated elsewhere to ensure the total area of green space surrounding Euston does not decrease. The engagement process aimed to understand to which area local residents would prefer this green space be relocated. As part of this work, Groundwork GDS were asked to provide an analytical breakdown of the demographics of the population in the affected area. Maps were created using the 2011 Census at Output Area level, which is the most detailed statistical area available publicly. Yearly population estimates released by the Ordinency Survey at Lower Super Output Area level were also used. This could then be used to identify groups that need to be targeted to participate in the engagement programme. The findings of the engagment can be found here.

HS2 Grants Web Map

Groundwork manages a grant programme for communities that will be affected by the first phase of construction for HS2 high speed line. The funding is primarily targeted at organisations within the voluntary/community sector that are for the public benefit and are not for profit. To assist with the fudning allocation, the GDS team developed an onlne map for Groundwork to use internally to help with the decision making process for grant applications. A number of datasets have been added, these include 1km buffers, conservation areas, construction traffic routes and listed buildings.


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